Each design can be supplied in any type of granite you prefer.

This is just a small selection of popular designs. If you don't see the design you want here or if you want a unique memorial, bespoke designs are one of our specialities so please contact us for a consultation.

The price range for these monuments is €1,200 - €3,500. Contact us with some details for an exact quote.

(Click any image to view a larger version)

Grey Celtic Cross Top

01. Grey Celtic Cross Top

Blue Carved Tree Monument

02. Blue Carved Tree

03. Grey Rustic Boulder

Grey Boyne Cross

04. Grey Boyne Cross

Blue Lagoon Granite C1

05. Blue Lagoon Granite C1

Carved Oval

06. Carved Oval

Black 426 Headstone

07. Black 426 Headstone

Boulder with Bow-Base

08. Boulder with Bow-Base

Dark Grey C1

09. Dark Grey C1

Grey Grotto

10. Grey Grotto

Standing Stone

11. Standing Stone

Black Granite Heart

12. Black Granite Heart

Apex OG

13. Apex OG

Black Granite Book

14. Black Granite Book

Book Style Two

15. Book Style Two

Book Style Two

16. Grey Celtic Cross

Paradiso Grotto

17. Paradiso Grotto

Paradiso Granite Heart

18. Paradiso Granite Heart

Light Grey with Carved Cross

19. Light Grey C1

Paradiso Granite Oval

20. Paradiso Granite Oval

Paradiso Gates of Heaven

21. Paradiso Gates of Heaven

Blue Lagoon Round Top

22. Blue Lagoon Round Top

Black RTOG

23. Black RTFS

Black RTOG 2

24. Black RTOG 2

Blue Lagoon Scroll

25. Blue Lagoon Scroll

Black Granite Ogee

26. Black Granite Apex

Angel Stone

27. Angel Stone

Carved Cross

28. Carved Cross

Cross with Gates

29. Cross with Gates

Cross with Shroud

30. Cross with Shroud

Girl and Stone

31. Girl and Stone

Carved Roses

32. Carved Roses

Cross and Round Top

33. Cross and Round Top

Roped Cross

34. Roped Cross

Decorative Cross

35. Decorative Cross

Tree Cross

36. Tree Cross